Bringing together our stakeholders who are highly motivated to enhance the quality of learning within the ITU ecosystem, and creating platforms to facilitate the sharing of research experience regarding learning is a priority for CEEA.

Our strategic goal in the research field is to contribute to enhancement of the quality of higher education system by disseminating knowledge acquired through various research projects, either managed by CEEA or its stakeholders.

If you contact CEEA about your projects that aim to enrich learning experiences and the quality of learning in the higher education system, we can make it easy for you to meet people with similar areas of interest.

  • New teaching approaches and techniques

  • Active learning approaches and techniques

  • Collaborative learning

  • Use of new technologies in education

  • Distance learning

  • Assessment and evaluation approaches and techniques

  • Systemic thinking in education

  • Improvement of educational skills

  • Educational psychology

  • Soft skills for engineering and architecture

  • Future trends in education

  • Motivation techniques in education

  • Inclusive practices in education

  • Research methodology and methods

  • Integration of research and teaching

  • Industrial experience sharing

  • Syllabus design

  • Classroom management

  • Academic orientation