Learning stations concept is amongst the templates of ITU CEE that aim to transform the embodied energy in our BEENOME database to value adding learning learning activities and projects.

According to targeted learning outcomes that are designed according to the various levels of Bloom taxonomy, each learning station aims to make participants gain competences relating to both technical and non-technical aspects of learning.

Any educational strategy, content and tool can be part of your learning station that you might propose to ITU CEE. It is up to your imagination and creativity.

Modular architecture of the stations allows you to combine your station with those of others to develop learning activities or projects together. Your learning stations may visit academic units upon request, go outside ITU for social responsibility or other appropriate purposes, or they may be integrated with research projects.

Our BEENOME database will help us to support your station by accessing people who can potentially be team members or beneficiaries in your station. BEENOME make it easy for us to see people from different disciplines in the ITU ecosystem who have similar learning tendencies and have a lot to share.


ITU CEE can support your learning station in many different ways. We can share our project management templates, share lessons learned from other learning stations, help you get in touch with your external stakeholders and develop assessment and evaluation tools.

We are building a project-based academic highway that surrounds ITU to make you go faster to where you want to go.

For more information: mem@itu.edu.tr