The Learning Stations, an instructional model implemented by the Istanbul Technical University Center for Excellence in Education (ITU CEE) and supported by the British Council as part of the Connect4Innovation call, creates active learning environments by bringing students and academicians together, fostering diverse forms of learning experiences. It is a design model aimed at acknowledging multiple learning formats.

In line with the digital transformation roadmap of ITU, this model was developed by ITU CEE to facilitate the implementation of innovative pedagogical approaches in various settings and at different levels.

We invite you to an informative session and hands-on training regarding the Learning Station model actively undertaken by the EELISA European University, which commenced on November 1, 2023, spanning from 2023 to 2027 in its second phase.

The training will be conducted in three sessions, and the schedule is as follows:

First Session: Learning Stations - Information Meeting
Date and Time: November 8, 2023, Wednesday - 16:00
Format: Online - ZOOM

To register for the first session, please complete the form from this link. The session link will be forwarded to your email upon registration.

Second Session: Learning Stations - Practical Training I*
Date and Time: November 15, 2023, Wednesday - 16:00
Format: In-person
Venue: To be announced later.

*Registration is required for the second phase of practical training. Registration details will be shared with participants after the first session.

Third Session: Learning Stations - Practical Training II**
Date and Time: November 22, 2023, Wednesday - 16:00
Format: Online - ZOOM

**This session is dedicated to feedback for participants of Practical Training I.

The Learning Stations aim to equip individuals with the competencies expected of them, focusing on a collaborative learning trend guided by objectives and goals. Further information regarding the Learning Stations can be accessed through the provided link.

We would be delighted to have your presence at these sessions and thank you for your interest.