BEE'NOME is a database which is being designed by ITU CEEA. BEE'NOME project is based on the idea that gathering keywords of students and academicians that describe the areas or topics that they want to enrich their learning experiences can be a valuable input for CEEA to fulfill its mission. In a sense, BEE'NOME will map the ‘knowledge genome’ of ITU. This is why we name it BEE'NOME. CEEA plans to visualize and share this information on ITU campus maps. When you type a keyword in the BEE'NOME database, you will be able to see the density and spatial distribution of your keywords over the campus maps. Whenever you feel that it is a good idea get to in touch with other people with similar learning motivations in the ITU ecosystem, CEEA will put its feedback mechanism into practice and ask: “Why do you want to meet these people? Do you plan to arrange an event? Do you have project in mind?”